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When Should You Start Looking for a Pathology Job?

When Should You Start Looking for a Pathology Job? A friend of mine who is finishing his pathology training asked me a question that really got me thinking: When do I start looking for a pathology job?  With the length of pathology training becoming widely variable in recent years, it makes sense why timing can be tricky for when you start to look for a job.  It can take a lot of effort to find a job so you might be hoping to put it off until later or you might be wondering if you’re already late in the game and...

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Condense ACGME Milestones’ Categories to Increase Effectiveness

News flash! Practicing pathology can get very busy!  Whether you are in academics or private practice, each presents its own time-swallowing challenges.  For the academic pathologists out there, along with all the other responsibilities you have, do you find a long list of evaluations to fill out for all the residents that came through?  During my residency at Indiana University I remember waiting for months before I would get an evaluation back from faculty.  There were several reasons for that but one that stood out was the evaluation form took so long to fill out.  A committee made up...

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What Should a Resident-Driven Evaluation Project Accomplish?

This is Part 2 is a series of posts about the development of a pathology resident evaluation system. With the introduction of the ACGME Milestones for pathology training programs, many people expressed to me their frustration with using it. In Part 1 I discussed a few specifics about why it is confusing to use and difficult to interpret. Before looking for a solution, I wanted to identify what I wanted to accomplish by reviewing the milestones and what a quality evaluation system should look like. Here’s what I came up: Offer an alternative evaluation system and sincerely stress the...

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