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What Should a Resident-Driven Evaluation Project Accomplish?

This is Part 2 is a series of posts about the development of a pathology resident evaluation system. With the introduction of the ACGME Milestones for pathology training programs, many people expressed to me their frustration with using it. In Part 1 I discussed a few specifics about why it is confusing to use and difficult to interpret. Before looking for a solution, I wanted to identify what I wanted to accomplish by reviewing the milestones and what a quality evaluation system should look like. Here’s what I came up: Offer an alternative evaluation system and sincerely stress the...

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Pathology Trainees Need a Better Way to Track Progress!

During my tenure as Chair of the Residents Forum Executive Committee and the CAP Residents Forum, we worked on a resolution to highlight the need to improve how graduated responsibilities are implemented in pathology training programs (see separate post).  During the robust discussions at meetings, conferences and even a well attended webinar, several residents pointed out that before a trainee can request additional responsibilities, there must be a way for the resident to be deemed competent in certain areas.  Current methods of evaluating trainees (e.g. ACGME milestones, program specific systems) were discussed and many people expressed serious concerns about the...

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