Book of Mormon “Hello” PARODY – “The Book of McKee”

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Story Behind the Parody

The dermatology department at UMass Medical Center has a fun tradition at the end of the year where they do fun videos or skits that are filled with jokes about attendings, residents, and fellows.  One of the dermatologists mentioned in passing that the dermatopathology fellow usually doesn’t do anything fun for graduation.  Taking that as a challenge, I decided to do something fun for graduation.  At first, I came up with a couple light-hearted jokes about the faculty and some of the residents.  Then about a month before graduation, Dr. Laura Houk came up with this crazy idea for a parody song that I could do.  It would be based on the song “Hello” from The Book of Mormon Broadway Musical.  Part of the joke would be that I also happen to be a Mormon and had even spent time as a missionary.  There is also a part in the song that refers to “Elder Cunningham” and we have a “Dr. Cunningham” at our program right now.  There were too many funny associations that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give it a try.

I’ve never seen the Book of Mormon on Broadway Musical before but I understand that it makes fun of the church and missionaries.  Someone might take offense at making a parody of something that was originally meant to spoof myself but my thought was if I couldn’t take the joke then I was taking myself too seriously.  I watched the original song “Hello” on youtube and could definitely see where it could be offensive to some but I also saw how it could be really funny to other people.

After a few hours in front of a camera and a few more on the computer, I put together this song called “The Book of McKee” after the dermatopathology text book that we frequently use here at UMass.

If Dr. Phillip H. McKee ever sees the video, I hope you enjoy it!  He’s on twitter @phmckee1948

The video will be presented at the UMass Dermatology Graduation Dinner on June 8th, 2017 at the Beechwood Hotel.

My "Least" Favorite Things - Pathology Parody

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Here’s the original song “Hello” from The Book of Mormon broadway musical that I based my version off of.