Make Your Business Card Look Like a Glass Slide

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 4 Steps to Make a Pseudo Glass Pathology Business Card

1. Decide What You Want on the Card

Here are some things I thought about including on my card.  You can lean towards a more minimalist approach and have less information or go more old school and have more information.

  1. Full Name and Credentials. Example: Justin D. Richey, MD
  2. What do you do? I decided to go minimalist and abbreviate what I’d like my future job to be. Example: AP/CP/Derm
  3. QR Code that directs toward a website with your CV or to your LinkedIn page
  4. Slogan. I thought a slogan would be fun to I added “Patient Centered Pathologist”
  5. Vanity URL.  I purchased a vanity URL with my name on it from GoDaddy.  It only costs my $10 for an entire year.
  6. Ruler.  This is so it can be useful to pathologists besides just being a business card.

2. Make a QR Code

I’m not sure if QR codes are helpful.  People either don’t know what they are or prefer to just type in a web address by hand.  I added a QR code to mine because I was trying to mimic the look of a real pathology glass slide which often has a tiny QR to track the specimen and patient information.  Go to and insert any URL and it will generate a free code for you.

Create a Free QR Code

3. Material: Glass or Plastic?

At first I thought it would be awesome to hand someone a business card that was an exact replica of a histology glass slide!  That idea didn’t last long when I thought of people trying to pick out shards of glass from their hands when it broke in their pocket.  Not the kind of impression I wanted to leave for a potential employer!

Plastic Is Better

After a lot of searching on the web, I found a company that was interested in helping me design a business card that looked like a glass slide but wouldn’t break in someone’s pocket.

4. Contact Plastic Printers

I e-mailed plastic printers out of the blue and described what I’d like my card to look like.  Within a few days a designer sent me back a digital mock-up of my idea.  It wasn’t quite what I had in mind but it was close.  I was able to tweak the design a couple times.  They made every change I requested very quickly.  Once I made my order it took about 2 weeks to have them printed and shipped to me.

The Finished Product

Pathology Business Card

Pathology Business Card


Six months after he gave it to me, Dr. Richey's business card still sits on top of my microscope.  It's too cool and useful to throw away!

Jerad Gardner, MD

Pathologist, University of Arkansas

"Seriously, I use this everyday!"

Annie O. Morrison, M.D.

Dermatopathologist, Laboratory Medicine Consultants

Need Help?

Send me a comment below. I’d be happy to help you make your own!