What Should You Ask at a Pathology Job Interview?

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Here are some examples of questions you might want to ask at a pathology job interview. Don’t feel obligated to ask about all of these at the first interview. See what the mood is like and use your discretion.

Job Responsibilities

  • Anatomic Pathology: What types of specimens will I be signing out? (Everything? subspecialty only? Cytology? Paps? Hemepath? Will I need to perform FNAs?
  • Clinical Pathology: What responsibilities? Is there CP call? Blood bank? Heme, chemistry, micro, etc.?
  • What types of CP call questions/problems would I have to deal with?
  • How often is the call?
  • Is there someone I can call for backup help with during a call?
  • How many cases per year will I be signing out?
  • Is everyone signing out everything or are some areas subspecialty sign out?
  • Are there autopsy responsibilities?
  • Will I only be signing out in this hospital or will I be traveling to other hospitals/facilities?
    • How far away are those other facilities?
  • Frozen section responsibilities? How often? Resident cutting vs. me cutting?
  • Any grossing responsibilities?
  • What are my teaching responsibilities? Will I give lectures to residents? Medical students?
  • What is expected of me in terms of research? Do they offer funding for research?


  • What computer system do they use for pathology? (Cerner, CoPath, etc.)
  • Do I dictate my cases and someone transcribes vs. type in yourself vs. voice recognition system, etc?
  • What’s the electronic medical record like for looking up patient histories? cumbersome?
  • Are cases only from the inpatient hospital or from outpatient settings as well?
  • Do people show each other cases often? informally vs. a formal process?
  • What’s the workflow like? (are you on bigs or small for a week, vs doing everything everyday?)
  • Is there a consensus conference?
  • Do they send out difficult/controversial cases to another institution? If so, which one?

The People

  • How many faculty are new versus senior?
  • What is the faculty turnover like? (are people often leaving?)

The Details

  • What are the average hours like? What time do people come in and leave?
  • How many days off service per year?
  • How many administrative days per year?
  • Is there a book/educational/CME fund?
  • How many conferences can I go to per year?
  • How many weeks vacation time?
  • Salary?
  • Health insurance? Dental? Vision?
  • Retirement plan?
  • Life insurance?
  • Moving stipend?
  • If applicable: Is there a partnership track? How long until I’m able to make partner? Is there a buy in process?
  • What’s the cost of living like here?
  • Where do most people live?
  • What are the schools districts like?

Originally published on the Pathology Resident Wiki

What other questions have you thought of to ask?  If you’ve already been on the interview trail, what questions have employers asked you?  Comment below.